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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Battle of the budget nappies!

Front view: Aldi "Cherubin" (right), Lidl "Toujours" (left).

Today I will be comparing the two main budget brands of nappies that we use; Aldi's "Cherubin" and Lidl's "Toujours". Incidentally, the DIY enthusiast believed the latter to be made by women's sanitary towel brand Always. "They are basically the same thing aren't they?". Ha.

We use either brand and it solely depends on the rest of the week's shopping. We only go to Aldi for nappies and baby wash, so Lidl do have the edge at the moment purely because we do quite a bit of shopping there anyway. 

Aldi- Cherubin

Aldi "Cherubin" (inside)

We used these right from leaving hospital, and much preferred them to the Pampers we were given on the ward. They aren't the most aesthetically pleasing of offerings. They look a bit cheap and faded in tone, but don't let that put you off. They come in packs of 80 in size 4 and cost €11.39 (14c per nappy). The first thing I noticed about these was the beautiful soft lining. It really is lovely. So lovely that the first time I touched it I wandered around after the DIY enthusiast muttering, "Have you felt these?" whilst rubbing them against my cheek... The super soft lining also did a great job of keeping the monkey's botty dry.

The fit of the nappies was great for our baby. Other than the unavoidable explosive moments, we never had a leak. They weren't too saggy around the back either. Nice and snug. 

Overall, though they aren't the prettiest, the function is fantastic. I always feel confident that they keep the little one comfy and dry.


Lidl "Toujours" (inside).

These are a more recent discovery for us. After hearing so much good about the Aldi nappies -and being satisfied with them ourselves- we never felt the need to change. The main reason for giving them a go was a special offer that made a pack of 50 around the €5.oo mark if I remember correctly. Bargain. The usual price is €7.49 for 50 size 4 (15c per nappy). 

The first thing I noticed about these was the nifty print on the outside. It's a lovely clear print featuring owls. I love anything with an owl design; candles, cups, notebooks, clothing. Owls! The lining isn't quite as cheek-strokingly soft as the Aldi, but soft enough. It is just as good if not better than Aldi for keeping monkey's bum dry to the touch.

The second thing that struck me about the Lidl brand was the size difference. It is definitely bigger than Aldi's, and comes higher up the back. This is great for our little mover and shaker. Now that she is crawling faster than a cheetah as well as standing and cruising, this extra material gives a bit more security. Unfortunately it also sags a little bit more. I am hoping that they will just fill out a bit better as she grows, until then I will just keep laughing at her droopy bum!

One thing that I wasn't sure about at first with the Lidl Nappies was the filling. If you rub it between your fingers, you can feel a slight grainy texture inside. I assume that this is what expands to jelly when the nappy gets wet. It put me off a bit at first, but doesn't seem to bother the wearer in the slightest.


At less than 1 cent difference per nappy when you get deep into the decimals, I don't feel that price is a factor between the two brands, but if you are determined to get the very best deal, then Aldi it is. The only let down for them is the design, but for the price it is an absolutely fantastic nappy. The problems I have with the Lidl nappies are also trivial, but there are a couple more of them than with the Aldi. Honestly, I would be happy to recommend either brand!

 Back view: Aldi "Cherubin" (right), Lidl "Toujours" (left).

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